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Build your website and give it a better worth

If you’re looking to generate higher leads and increase your conversion rate then you have landed on the right website. We work for your website from scratch and focus on your marketing strategies to build your website and give it a better worth. Businesses dealing online have an opportunity to showcase their services and products through an online website, they don’t have any physical shop to put their goods on the shelf and attract new customers. Online dealing is comparatively more tricky and difficult than in-store buying. The only way to grab customers is through ads, social media activity, catchy content, optimized website, easy and swift service, effective digital marketing campaigns, and running advertisements on different social media to spread awareness. Akosz Tec provide all the services that are needed to boost your website's worth and improve your ranking.

The competition is growing day by day and every business is struggling hard to stay on the top and maintain its market share. But that’s not the only thing. Every company has a mission and objectives to hit and they strive hard to catch more customers. You can achieve that if your website includes:

  • Optimized content
  • a catchy logo design
  • to the point and concise information about your dealings
  • target market strategies
  • An accessible website design

SEO embedded services to boost your website:

We design a responsive website and easy for the customers to operate. The website design is always the top priority of our highly intellectual team. We even carry out researches and provide abundant resources and ideas that can be put on your website to give it a better view.

  • 01Awareness-Building Content:

    We build a website that allows users to effortlessly navigate your site and search for anything they want. We utilize keywords and information to make your website simple for your customers so they can acquire your products or services without having to go through a lot of steps.

  • If we get an order for a website redesign that is already in the market, we stuff the website with winning SEO strategies to build the website from the ground up. We look at the areas that need maintenance and we cater to the section that has a very low ranking. We have different steps for every process that we follow to yield a fertile result.

  • If a customer visits your website, you know that they’re seeking something. The content of the website solves their problem. We write efficient and informative content that solves all the customer solutions and gives a good result of your investment.

  • Our top website design service makes the use of the website very easy for the customers.


What do you need to do?

The consultation process is pretty easy and fast. When you read everything on the website and you decide that you want to buy from us, refer to our support team and make your order. We want you to go through our terms & conditions and FAQs to remove all your concerns and order freely. Our prices, quality, and systems are well defined and optimized. We never intend to leave our customers unsatisfied. You can check our reviews and assess the performance. The only thing that makes us keeps going is the positive response of our customers and their continuous buying. We continuously improve our services and bring innovation to enhance the quality and provide the best possible service for our customers. Believe us, if you take our service your website can excel and lead in the market. It will be fully optimized and highly flexible. We would love to accommodate you to our customer base.

The Strategy We Follow:

By understanding the objectives of your company, we start our process. Various researches need to carry out before taking on the process. Various stats aid our process and make it more effective.

Competition survey:

The professionals working under the website design service in the US are tasked to carry out a survey and see the competing firms, their online availability, and how they maintain their website online. There’s a chance that if your competitor doesn’t operate an online website or if they’re not active online, there’s a high chance you can grab their customers and make them yours. We assess the trends in the market, the demand for online selling, customer responses, and the latest strategies that are used.

Customer responses:

Customer service representatives speak with consumers one-on-one and are aware of everything our customers enjoy and dislike about our company. Our website designers hold a session to talk to the customer support and identify:

  • Customer preferences
  • What customers expect from your company
  • Is there anything new that customers want?

Analyze the data:

We check the current position of your website at first and then start working on it. We check the market reports, analytics, and previous website responses to analyze the current situation. After we get an idea of the areas that need extreme maintenance and the areas that are already working fast for the customers, we start working on them.


Small Business


  • 5 Pages Website
  • 2 Logo Concepts
  • SEO Friendly
  • Content Writing
  • Company Profile
  • Branding
  • After Sales support
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Custom Plan


  • 10 Pages Website
  • 5 Logo Concepts
  • SEO Friendly
  • Content Writing
  • Company Profile
  • Branding
  • After Sales support
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  • 1. Objectives of the company

    Being a top website design service, we take care of everything that matters. The first step that we take is to sit and talk with the company about its goals and missions. Because if they are dealing for a short time, the website effectiveness should be more than usual because they have less time to meet their goals, similarly if it wants to be in business for a long time then they have more time to spend on tactics and time taking strategies so, objectives are really important to assess at first.

  • By having a look at your competitors, you can work better. We follow this strategy and we have got successful results from it. We check the trending marketing tactics and what’s repeated very usually, we assess the gap in the market and try to hit with the winning tactics to boost the worth of your website. The procedure doesn’t only rely on the market and competitors; we check what’s favorable for your website. The structure, design, and layout that match your website are given high preference.

  • We take time to analyze the customer base of a company, and we make their value proposition according to it. This helps us to develop persona profiles so that all web design elements lead up to the final design for a good conversion boost. When customers are being given services that they are seeking, they will get satisfied and buy the product.

  • We make websites that are easy for customers to use. We make the structures after getting the information of the website information. The product/service type highly affects the website design. Easy and quick websites are more likely to be liked by customers than tricky websites. After all, we are working to make you a top-notch website that helps you to grab more customers so we add everything that your customer would like.

  • This step is best to review the customer’s response. The customer stats are very important to get feedback and understand whether the customers like the website design or not. We can also ask the customer feedback to get to know what features they would like on the website. It helps the company to take decisions according to customer likes.

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